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Petal First Baptist Church

Back Together Plan

Join us this Sunday @ 8:30 or 10:30 AM for Worship!

Let us be concerned about one another in order to promote love and good works, not staying away from our worship meetings, as some habitually do, but encouraging each other, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.       -Hebrews 10:24-25


To provide a safe and inviting worship gathering for those seeking to meet on Petal First Baptist Church Campus during the transitional re-opening of our State, Counties and Cities. 


Worship Services

  • Accommodation for at-risk individuals
    • YouTube/Facebook Live/Website Services continue permanently
    • Alternate venues for at risk population and families
    • Encourage the use of wearing masks especially when singing
  • Phase 1 Back Together Again On-Campus Worship Services
    • Begin: Sunday, May 31st with 2 service times
      • Reduced seating for on-campus worship services
      • Remove appropriate chairs to maintain social distancing
      • Family units can be seated together – greeters will seat people so we can maximize the space
      • Multiple venues with options for families and vulnerable population
    • Worship Center
      • Seating Capacity/Service (500 - includes all staff, media, worship team)
        • Phase 1: 100-125:  25%
        • Phase 2: 200-225:  50% - TBD
        • Phase 3: 300- 325  65% - TBD
        • Phase 4: 450:  100% - TBD
    • Kid’s Worship Space
      • Seating Capacity/Service (150 - includes all staff, media, worship team)
        • Phase 1: 35:  25%
        • Phase 2: 70:  50% - TBD (overflow if needed)
    • Student Worship Space (if needed)
      • Seating Capacity/Service (300- includes all staff, media, worship team)
        • Phase 1: 75:  25%  (only if needed)
  • Preschool Care During Worship (Birth - Pre-K)
    • Phase 1: No Preschool Care – (Children sit with their families in Worship Center or in the family alternate venue – Kid's Worship Area) 
    • Phase 2: Limited Preschool Care will possibly be provided with smaller class sizes - TBD
  • Multiple Services: As Needed (will adjust by attendance)
    • Phase 1: Sunday
      • Service 1
        • Worship Center: General Congregation
        • Kid’s Worship: Vulnerable Population Only Option
        • Student Worship: Overflow
        • Doors Open @ 8:15 AM
        • Service Begins @ 8:30 AM
        • Service Ends @ 9:30 AM
        • Doors Locked @ 9:45 AM
        • We will thoroughly clean & disinfect the building between services: 9:30-10:15
      • Service 2
        • Worship Center: General Congregation
        • Kid’s Worship: Families with Kids Option (preschoolers or other children)
        • Student Worship: Overflow
        • Doors Open @ 10:15 AM
        • Service Begins @ 10:30 AM
        • Service Ends @ 11:30 AM
        • Doors Locked @ 11:45 AM
      • Dismissal from all services: Pastor will dismiss from back of the room forward.
    • “Back Together Again”  Video
      • Produce a walk-through video to prepare attendees
      • Explain: Traffic Flow, Seating Guidelines, Preschool and Children Expectations
      • Videos for Phase 1, 2, and 3 as needed
    • Need to train all parking lot and inside greeters as well greeters in Worship Venues
  • LifeGroups
    • Current
      • Continue meeting online or outside someone’s home
    • Phase 1
      • Start Meeting on Campus in larger rooms to accommodate social distancing or Homes (Sunday – Saturday) - NO childcare available - Schedule groups to make certain we have enough rooms to accommodate larger groups (Sr Adult Groups could meet during the day on campus).
    • Phase 2
      • Continue meeting on campus in large rooms to accommodate social distancing or in homes at night (Sunday – Saturday). Also could possibly move LifeGroups to Wednesday nights and not resume Family Friendly Wednesday nights yet.
      • Possibly resume preschool care for Worship (Birth-Pre-K) with smaller class sizes
    • Phase 3
      • Meet back on campus at regular 9 a.m. times. Hopefully new groups will emerge and they can meet then or times during the week in homes or on campus. 
  • Family Friendly Wednesday Nights
    • Wednesday Night Family Supper
      • Resumes when Public Schools resume normal Fall schedule
    • Wednesday Night ReFuel
      • Phase 1: Will not meet
      • Phase 2: Resume when Public Schools Resume in the Fall - Depending on whether we decide to move LifeGroups to Wednesday Night for short term.
      • Phase 3: Normal Family Friendly Wednesday Nights
    • Student Ministry Refuge
      • Phase 1: Will meet on Wednesday /afternoon nights with different times for Middle School & High School.
      • Phase 2: Resume regular schedule when Public Schools resume normal Fall schedule - TBD
    •  Children’s/Preschool
      • Phase 1: Will not meet
      • Phase 2:  Resumes when Public Schools resume normal Fall schedule - TBD

Other Safety Measures

  • Any persons known to have had any contact with known COVID-19 confirmed cases should self-quarantine for the period recommended by the CDC. No person should attend who has any of these symptoms: Fever of 100 degrees or above; cough or sore throat; shortness of breath
  • High-risk individuals are advised not to attend the in-person service
  • Face masks will NOT be required but STRONGLY encouraged especially during singing
  • We will ask greeters to wear face masks due to them being in higher traffic areas
  • All interior doors will be propped open - Exterior doors will be propped open for entry into the service and for exit by greeters
  • All furniture will be removed from foyers and hallways
  • There will be no worship guides – website
  • There will not be a greeting time or offering time (We will take up offering for those wishing to bring it in person at the exits of each venue)
  • No Coffee Connection in Phase 1 or 2
  • Attendees will be strongly encouraged not to engage in hand shaking or other physical contact
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the facility and each person will be encouraged to use sanitizer upon entering and leaving the building

There is no pressure put on anyone to return to community worship. We want encourage people to return at their own pace & comfort level for them and their family.