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Petal First Baptist Church

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We are glad you're here and we at PFBC appreciate the opportunity to let you know a little bit more about us.


Petal FBC is a Southern Baptist church. For more about what Southern Baptists believe, go to
We don’t believe the church is a building, we believe people make up the church.

We get that life can be chaotic, and we know that even in a city full of people it’s easy to feel alone.  We want to help you find a place where you can connect with others in your stage of life and pursue your spiritual journey with others. The best way we’ve found to do that is through LifeGroups, you can read more about our LifeGroups here.

We also offer many different ministries, whether you’re a student, a married couple, have kids or are celebrating an empty nest. Check out the ministries & Vision 2020 here!

If you’re new to Petal, welcome!  If you’re looking for a church to connect with, we want you to know that there are many great churches in our area, and we want to help you find the right fit for you and your spiritual journey. If, after you’ve had the chance to read more about us and what we believe and have any questions please let us know by dropping us an email ( ) or calling us at 601.545.3198.

Our beautiful, roomy sanctuary is a wonderful place to worship the living God as a group!  We would love for you to join us in worshiping and fellowshiping on Sunday mornings @ 8:30 or 10:30!