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Our desire is to share Jesus with children through games, activities, songs and Bible stories.

The first thing we want our parents to know about our preschool and children's ministry that it is a safe space for your child!  All of our workers have up-to-date background checks and two adults are with your child at all times.  The second thing we want you to know is that you can be confident that your child is learning about Jesus in relevant ways to help them engage and understand the Gospel.  Our mission is to engage your child with the Hope of the Gospel to see their life transformed.  You play an important part as well.  We want to encourage the parents to go and view our Parent Resources for at-home materials so you and your child can continue to engage with the material throughout the week!  We cannot wait to walk with you to shepherd your child to know Jesus!

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights are our midweek gathering for kids to come and play games, worship, and learn about Jesus.  Each Wednesday night, kids will sing songs, play games, and hear bible stories that are catered for them.  We hope that our discussions on Wednesday nights will open discussions in your home for you to share the gospel with your children.  It is our goal to engage children with the hope of the Gospel to see their lives transformed.  We are also devoted to providing parents with tools to use at home to help initiate these conversations about Jesus!